MyXtraMoney™ partners benefit from of our best-in-class expertise, integration solutions and CRM to add to your business and make y​our great ideas greater.​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Partner up with MyXtraMoney™

MyXtraMoney™’s ambition is to act as the most efficient facilitator of bringing Self Directed RollOver Dividend™ to the market. As partners, we will share in being at the forefront of financial innovation and similarly we will reap the benefits of saving the working middle class together as the market acknowledges our joint efforts.

MyXtraMoney™’s activities spans a network of:

+ 150 Vendor Partners,
+ 13,000 Banks,
Access to + 300,000,000 potential customers in the United States, and Canada through our financial partners.

Our Vendor Promise

MyXtraMoney™ is a Financial Technology, (FinTech) that functions as an Automated Banking and Cash-Flow Algorithm that can be integrated/white labeled by your corporation to provide creative financial services to your client base.

Our services provides calculated financial projections for Consumer Float/Dividends and Savings for W2, and Salaried employees in North America.  It is a system based on your client’s steady income that is used to determine their Lowest Possible Dollar Amount (LPDA) for the month; ie. dollar cost average, that needs to be in the bank at all times to make sure all expenses are paid.  99% of the time, your LPDA is lower than net monthly income.

We Promise:

When your client enters their accurate net income and expenses for the household, they will be provided a financial projection uniquely related to their household.  If your client follows our simple automated banking instructions provided by our CRM, or by your integration, they will experience those positive results.

If your client follows our easy to use, on-paper-to-reality instructions, they will experience automated banking at its best.  Our system is maintenance free.

Our Guarantee:

In the event your client has followed our turnkey instructions and MyXtraMoney™ is causing NSF fees from their bank, we will work with your client to adjust their plan for the better. If a solution cannot be provided, we will cover the related NSF fees.

We guarantee the results found in MyXtraMoney™ when net income, and expenses are accurately placed into the MyXtraMoney™ calculator.  We do not guarantee or take financial responsibility for results based on experimental, or hypothetical household finance numbers.

The MyXtraMoney® Self Directed Rebate Dividend™ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If we cannot identify your client’s bank float in their first 45 days of applying the MyXtraMoney®, we’ll refund 100% of the fees they acquired in setting up our system, Immediately. No questions asked.——— —-Guaranteed!


Karriem Ali, Founder, MyXtraMoney™