Very easy to use. I’ve been a member for a year now. I use my MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System to contribute an extra $10,000 per year to my Private Emergency Money Account™ without me having to add a dime. Combined with it’s growth at The InCrowd Investments, I’ll have plenty of emergency money whenever I need it..
Winston F.Quality Control SupervisorAlpharetta, GA
There’s nothing easier than MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System. Month after month, my money grows like I’ve never seen before. The great part is we are on pace to have a 6-figure emergency fund without having to contribute any money out of pocket.
Elliott S.ParallegalChicago, IL
Before MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System, I had zero dollars in case of financial emergency. I could not believe now such a simple online banking concept could make so much money. Now, I’ll never go back. I now have extra money in my pocket, and in my Cash Back Account™. Customer service has been top notch.
Casey C.Insurance ClaimsProvo, Utah
The money from my cash back has helped me cover my expenses when I lost my job.  Most recently, that meant paying on all my bills without having to file bankruptcy, or go into debt to do so. The MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System has been an excellent tool in helping me take control of my finances, and I recommend it to almost all of my friends.
MattHuman ResourcesNewark, NJ
My husband and I don’t fight about money any more and neither one of us has to feel guilty about the way we spend “our” money. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that the MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System has saved my marriage!!!!!
Helen DallasEducatorMarietta, GA
When I was married eight months ago, the MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System simplified the financial transition to married life with a solid emergency money plan. the MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System provides an accurate account of our finances, which facilitates our conversations about our financial choices. We were able to use all the money we received for our wedding on a dream honeymoon to New Zealand.
Charles SingletonDriverAtlanta