The MyXtraMoney® UnderPay™ Your Budget System 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

This service does not have an upfront fee. All small Advisory fee of 2.5% of the Float amount is all that is required. However, If we cannot identify your the UnderPay™ amount on the very first day you sign up for MyXtraMoney®, we will pay you $100* Immediately. No questions asked.——— —-Guaranteed!  (*Applicant must use an accurate household budget, and have enough w2 income to cover total monthly expenses.)

Identifying the Problem Working People Not Having Emergency Money…

The problem is that we spend out of our budgets as if the dollar is worth “a dollar”, and it will never add up. Nothing repays us for inflation.

People have been budgeting the old way all of their adult lives. It is the common denominator when you ask households what they have been doing over the years. Whether they stick to one or not, the results are inconsistent at best.

The Solution:
So the solution must be a system with a special math formula in it that will give value back to our dollar, and make our dollar worth “a dollar” again, and it must allow cash accumulation to happen every month, without fail.  We provide infinite loan/float services to boost your economy so your dollar spends like a dollar.

$500 to $2,000+/mo

You will learn how using the MyXtraMoney® System will change your financial life forever. You will begin building an additional $500+, $1,100+, $1,500+, $2,400+, or more per month in your Debt/Wealth Escrow Account™ in your first 45 days of applying the MyXtraMoney® principles.

If followed, within 4-7 years, the typical household with just $75,000 in annual income will have collected over $100,000 all accessible on your your  debit card. This provides for some real enthusiasm and hope. You will see that this is personally very achievable.

Nothing.  The MyXtraMoney™ UnderPay™ Your Budget System is not dependent on you making any payments.  This is a purely a method of paying off debt and building wealth.

Monthly Debt Servicing

Credit Cards + Auto Loans + Mortgages + Student Loans + Furniture Bills + Old Tax Debt + Lines of Credit + Furniture Bills + Etc.

No matter how much debt you owe, Get it done using the Millionaire Money™ the MyXtraMoney® UnderPay™ Your Budget System produces, Stop spending your hard earned cash paying off debt.

Wealth Building

We leave it up to you where you would like to invest your money.  However, we do provide safe profitable investment opportunities if you so inquire.

  • Your Millionaire Money™ can last as long as you have steady income with direct deposit to an active checking account, and you are actively applying the MyXtraMoney® UnderPay™ Your Budget System instructions to the relating checking account.

You may choose to end your relationship at any time.

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Very easy to use. I converted 2 years ago. I used my dividend to pay off $52,000 in credit card debt without me having to add a dime. Now I have plenty of emergency money whenever I need it…

Winston F.
Quality Control Supervisor
Alpharetta, GA

There’s nothing easier than MyXtraMoney®. One by one, my auto loan, student loans and credit cards were paid off without having to contribute any money out of pocket.

Elliott S.
Chicago, IL

Before MyXtraMoney®, I had zero dollars in case of financial emergency because I was going broke paying off debt. I could not believe now such a simple online banking concept could pay off my debt. Now, I’ll never go back. I now have extra money in my pocket, and customer service has been top notch.

Casey C.
Insurance Claims
Provo, Utah

My husband and I don’t fight about money any more and neither one of us has to feel guilty about the way we spend “our” money. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that MyXtraMoney® has saved my marriage!!!!!

Helen Dallas
Marietta, GA

My dividend was still paying off my debt even when I lost my job.  Most recently, that meant paying on all my bills without having to file bankruptcy, or go into further debt to do so. MyXtraMoney® has been an excellent tool in helping me take control of my finances, and I recommend it to almost all of my friends.

Human Resources
Newark, NJ

When I was married eight months ago, MyXtraMoney® simplified the financial transition to married life with a solid debt elimination plan. My dividend started paying off our debt without affecting our budget.  We were able to use all the money we saved for our wedding on a dream honeymoon to New Zealand.

Charles Singleton