Sign up in 5 minutes… No credit checks Get up to $5,000/mo. in Emergency Money!

Sign up in 5 minutes… No credit checks Get up to $5,000/mo. in Emergency Money!

What If You Lost Your Income Right Now?

40% of working America can’t cover a $400 emergency expense even if they didn’t lose their job!

Source: CNBC Tue, May 22 2018

Introducing, XtraMoney®.  Since 1994 privately, and 2012 as a corporation, we have been showing w-2 employees all across America how to set your online banking to allow you to immediately sock away an extra $500 – $5,000+ every month for emergencies without doing so out of pocket.
XtraMoney® establishes a Private Escrow Savings Account, similar to a Healthcare Savings Account, but specifically to cover expenses in the event of job loss; that provides Emergency Income Protection for Full-Time W-2 wage earners and employees.
Your Emergency Money grows without your direct contributions, and is placed in an Escrow Savings Account that grows in your name, and is delivered to you on your pāZero® debit card for emergencies.
It’s easy to relate to this coverage as a Job Loss Plan.
1. You Have To Change The Way You Bank: The proprietary algorithm in the XtraMoney® Financial Accounting System factors your bill amounts, due dates, net household income, spending habits, and future “extra” pay dates to catch all the surplus profits the banks make off your direct deposits and give as much as possible to you. We do this by calculating your maximum threshold amount of weekly earnings that can be withdrawn, invested and put back without negatively affecting your household.
2. How We Get That Number:  We use a simple formula:  Each year, there are 4 months with 5-weeks.  No matter how often, or what times of the month you are paid, the quantitative banking/accounting algorithm looks ahead to the next 3 years, so that’s 12 times a 5-week month will happen (Every 4-Months X 3-years= 12-Times a 5th Week Happens).  We use a calculation that tells us exactly how much money to move to the escrow account for profit sharing. (Please do not confuse our system with any bi-weekly payment plan).
3. No Negative Effect On Your Budget:  Your bills still get paid on time, and you still experience your typical savings. But this time, you will experience an extra ($500 – $5,000) in your emergency money account. XtraMoney® is supported at over 13000 banks, and works with your online banking.
4. End Results:  Your Emergency Money is delivered to you on your pāZero® debit card.  This way, in an emergency, you could still pay for things like a mortgage, car payment, utilities or student loans etc., using your Emergency Money, instead of coming out of pocket.
**Enter your Real Budget to see your potential Monthly Profits**
5. Setting It Up:  Our Advisors will apply the numbers from your household budget to the XtraMoney® calculator to determine your increased monthly buying power.  Then we can either help you set up your XtraMoney® Financial Accounting System directly, or provide you with instructions you can take to your bank so your banker can set up your plan at whatever bank or credit union you like.  Our national average buying power increase is $1183/mo. per user household.

Disclosure: The results we provide in the XtraMoney® online calculator is only meant to be a guide for you using your online banking platform to set up account to account transfers, a money market account at TD Ameritrade®,  and at over 13000 banks using our calculations.  You can at any time, log-in, print our setup instructions, and take them to your bank so your banker can initiate your plan. XtraMoney® is a Financial Accounting System for online banking that reorganizes your cash flow to simulate a reverse loan, where you legally borrow 12% – 25% of your current net monthly income against the equity of your “future pay periods” without having to pay it back. *Funding is derived from our “quantitative banking algorithm” that generates a maximum loan threshold amount. Your loan proceeds are delivered to you on your pāZero® debit card. Access to your pāZero® debit card is not based on credit or any approval process. Must be a w-2 Employee with salary or hourly wages. Must be over the age of 25. Must be paid with direct deposit. © 1994-2018 XtraMoney® & pāZero® debit card are Owned and Operated By Incrowd Investments LLC, All Rights Reserved.
NO – We will never have access to your bank accounts.   YES – This is 100% Legal.
**Enter your Real Budget to see your potential Monthly Profits**


Float – According to Warren Buffet

This collect-now, pay-later model leaves us holding large sums — money we call “float” — that will eventually go to others. Meanwhile, we get to invest this float for Berkshire’s benefit.

What Would You Do If You Lost Your Income? Get up to $,5000/mo. if You Lose Your Job, or Can’t Work Due to Illness or Injury. Your Emergency Money is delivered to you on our pāZero® debit card. Use it to do whatever you like:

  • Pay Off Your Mortgage (Mortgage Freedom)
  • Pay Your Utilities
  • Make Your Car Payments
  • Pay For Your Financial Services; ie, life and health insurance
  • Pay Off Your Credit Cards

Or, whatever you want to do.



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