About Us

We Are InCrowd Investments, LLC. With over 24 Years of Quality Service, we work hand in hand with the PayZero Financial, and  the Financial Crisis Prevention Center of Atlanta to find Strategically Helpful Ways To Prevent a Financial Crisis! FCPCA is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been featuring the MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System Since 1994.

As the Pioneer of MyXtraMoney® in North America, we serve the personal finance needs of the United States & Canada.

We’re Concerned

Our sole purpose at the Financial Crisis Prevention Center of Atlanta is to maximize the value of your dollar.
How Important is that to you?…

Highly Customizable

It does not matter how you handle your household budget, if you are employed, and hae direct deposit, the MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System will work for you…

Easy To Use…

The MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System comes in the form of written instructions that you print, and give to your banker so they can set up your Cash Back using their Automate Banking Services.  The MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System works at whatever bank…

Our Mission

Financial Crisis Prevention Center of Atlanta was established on the principles of providing the highest quality financial  services by skilled and trained professionals who demonstrate the highest level of integrity and provide superior customer service.

Our daily mission here is “How Can We Do It Better?” …and not just better than the competition, but also better than our own previously best performance. To do that, we listen to industry experts, our employees, and especially our Digitally Integrated Banking customers.  Whenever there’s a suggestion on how we can get better, we take it to heart and then find a way to make it happen. The words “I Can’t” simply does not exist in our company culture… they’ve been replaced by “What I Can Do Is…

Our Experience

We have been using MyXtraMoney® since 1994 to help our clients afford to regularly invest using the money made from using their Cash Back, instead of risking house money.

NO – We will never have access to your bank accounts.   YES – This is 100% Legal.

Savings 98%
Cash-Flow 92%
Investing 65%

Just A Few Happy Clients

Very easy to use. I’ve been a member for a year now. I use my MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System to contribute an extra $10,000 per year to my Private Emergency Money Account™ without me having to add a dime. Combined with it’s growth at The InCrowd Investments, I’ll have plenty of emergency money whenever I need it..

Winston F.Quality Control SupervisorAlpharetta, GA

There’s nothing easier than MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System. Month after month, my money grows like I’ve never seen before. The great part is we are on pace to have a 6-figure emergency fund without having to contribute any money out of pocket.

Elliott S.ParallegalChicago, IL

Before MyXtraMoney® Debt Free Banking™ System, I had zero dollars in case of financial emergency. I could not believe now such a simple online banking concept could make so much money. Now, I’ll never go back. I now have extra money in my pocket, and in my Cash Back Account™. Customer service has been top notch.

Casey C.Insurance ClaimsProvo, Utah