What is The Easiest Way to
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Go Beyond Budgeting!

How Do You Do That?

Get Cash Back With MyXtraMoney®

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The results we provide in the MyXtraMoney® online calculator is only meant to be a guide for you using your online banking platform to set up account to account transfers under the MyXtraMoney® guidelines.  You can at any time, log-in, print our setup instructions, and take them to your bank so your banker can initiate your plan.  MyXtraMoney® reorganizes your online banking and bill pay to generate a Consumer Bank Float; which is a surplus in cash of between 12% – 25% of your monthly direct deposits.  The surplus is withdrawn, placed into Escrow for investing, or pay off debt items. Access to your debit card is not based on credit or any approval process. The MyXtraMoney® App is an instructional guide for quantitative budgeting, not a loan, or investment, and is not interest based. (MyXtraMoney® App delivers you a surplus in cash that you, without changing the way of you bank, would have no access to.) MyXtraMoney® is distributed by various licensed vendors across North America. Must be a w-2 Employee with salary or hourly wages. Must be over the age of 25. Must be paid with direct deposit. MyXtraMoney®, and the Beyond Budgeting System™ is underwritten by pāZero® Auto Finance, Inc. DBA pāyZero® Financial © 1994-2020. All Rights Reserved.